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Exploring Minneapolis without a Car

Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area provide an excellent opportunity to visit a place with a large variety of natural and cultural attractions without the need for a car. It has an excellent mass transit system and is either said to be the best or one of the best cities for cyclists. There has been an increase in infrastructure for bikes and there are a lot of maps and resources including bike shops and rentals. In addition, there are many great opportunities for walking, including an enclosed skyway system downtown, as well as trails and interesting neighborhoods.

The largest portion of this website is devoted to helping you navigate Metro Transit's extensive website so that you can optimize your mass transit experience. The one shortcoming that I found when visiting Minneapolis is that, although there is a sign at every bus stop, in some areas there is no other information to be found. Using their website, you can find routes and stop locations easily.
The photo below was taken by Andy Tucker from a light rail train. It shows the beautiful Martin Olav Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge. Notice that in the lower right corner it also shows people stuck in traffic on Hiawatha Avenue.
The wikitravel page for Minneapolis is an excellent travel guide for Minneapolis. By selecting "Get Around" from the menu in the upper left corner of the website (or scrolling down to the Get Around section) you will find a summary of the major bus lines and a detailed stop by stop description of the stops on the light rail line. Below the mass transit section, there is information regarding biking and walking as well. This article provides a good introduction to the experience of visiting Minneapolis without a car.
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Disclaimer: This article was created by our former guest Sandra Richards for all you guests coming to Minneapolis.

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