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Everyone should choose cozy short term housing instead of a costly hotel room

There are so many reasons to choose short term apartment rentals in Minneapolis instead of hotels.  Business travel can be busy and tedious, filled with meetings, long evenings, and deadlines.  Even vacation can be stressful sometimes.  There are so many things to consider:  transportation and accommodation concerns and feeling homesick can be exhausting.  Lately, the trend is to opt for short term housing instead of picking a hotel.

Why are people choosing short term apartment rentals?
Here are a few reasons why people are turning to short term rentals instead of staying in a hotel:

Make the right choice!

Choose short term rental apartments

Convenience:  The majority of popular hotels are located in commercial areas like downtown where driving and parking can be a nightmare.  It is difficult to relax after a long day with the loud din of traffic and construction work blaring into your bedroom window.  Short term housing in Minneapolis offers you peace of mind.  You can enjoy a good, private night’s rest and a jog through the park in the morning without sacrificing access to entertainment, food, and leisure.

Services and Amenities:
In a hotel, guests are left to pretty much fend for themselves.  Sure, you get cute little bottles of shampoo and fresh towels, but the staff is not invested in you personally.  In a short term rental apartment, the manager is likely to go way out of his way to make sure you come back next time and tell all of your friends in the meantime.  He is invested in your stay and makes it his mission to ensure that you are taken care of and can do this because he doesn’t have hundreds of guests at one time to manage.

Similarly, a short term rental in Minneapolis is equipped with everything that you may need for your stay.  Business travelers will find office amenities as well as other valuable things like secured parking, a hot tub, movie theater and exercise equipment.  It’s better than living at home and certainly better than the clinical atmosphere of a hotel.


Today, people are trying to scrimp and save whatever money they can regardless of their financial security.  The bottom line is that hotels are expensive.  A very good way to save money on your vacation is by choosing short term housing so you can have luxury without breaking the bank.

Why do you choose short term apartment rentals instead of staying in a hotel room?  Tell us and Minnehaha Lofts will give you 10% off your next stay with us!