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Meet the Owner



Meet Margots Kapacs, the founder and owner of Minnehaha Lofts.

Latvian Roots

Margots grew up in the European country of Latvia, in the small town of Druva. Early on, he learned the art of hospitality by helping with his parents Bed & Breakfast, Sidrabi, a beautiful cabin set in the wooded landscape outside of Saldus, Latvia. He also helped to build other businesses with his family, including growing flowers and vegetables for local and international markets. From a young age, he began to learn of the trials and rewards of running a business. 

Moving to the USA

In 2000, Margots arrived in Minneapolis with a single suitcase, ready to begin his quest for the American Dream. As a member of the MAST International (a student exchange program at the University of MN), Margots double majored in economics and software development. He then earned a masters in software development and entered the corporate American workforce. Thirteen years after arriving in the USA, Margots was ready to return to his independent roots and start his own business.

A Family Business

Minnehaha Lofts has been up and running ever since. Now there are three generations working together to build the business. Margots has been showing his sons, Kristians and Kristofers, the parallels of business and life by stressing the importance of working hard and striving to constantly improve. When Margots' father visits from Latvia, he is often found with wrench in hand, fixing up various properties with his two energetic grandsons.

There is Always Time for Fun!

Although running Minnehaha Lofts means long hours and always being on call, Margots manages to squeeze his passions into his daily routine. In the mornings, he runs and swimms. Over the lunch break, he takes his guitar out into nature to play and sing. In the evenings, you can find Margots practicing Latin dance, attending an open mic evening, or at home with a book. He also combines his love of travel with work, always on the hunt for the next property to add to the Minnehaha Lofts family.

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